Solène Wolff is a Berlin-based researcher and environmentalist, passionate about knowledge exchange in ecology, regeneration and architecture. Solène co-created Highvisioned, an environmental consultancy and LIFT-OFF, a series of dialogues which goal is to emulate radical shifts on the topic of society, earth and self. She is the co-founder and managing partner of PLANE–SITE, a content and communication agency focused on the built environment and its users.


Her research focuses on strategies for a climate positive architecture, regenerative future and soundscapes ecology. She consults on these topics within international organizations and at conferences. Solène is currently a board member of the Earthbeat Foundation, whose mandate is to foster alternatives to intensive extraction of the earth’s resources.


At PLANE—SITE, Solène led global visual production initiatives; she has directed the execution of complex content strategies, from inception to implementation, using diverse formats across publishing, exhibition making, filmmaking and program curation.


Prior to that, Solène worked at Atheneum, a Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) agency, the European Commission in Brussels and the European Movement Network in Germany. She is a graduate of the College of Europe and Science Po Strasbourg, where she obtained master’s degrees in political sciences and urban policies.


For the past four years in a row, she has been rewarded by Triodos as being one of the top 100 sustainability advocates.


See her full CV here.


System Change  ⊥ Rewilding  ⊥  Soundscape ecology  ⊥  Biodiversity in architecture  ⊥  Materials  ⊥  Regenerative design  ⊥  Kundalini


Talk: What is rewilding and why should it be on your next meeting agenda?

  • Invited by We Value Nature, a EU Horizon 2020-funded three-year campaign supporting businesses and the natural capital community to make valuing nature the new normal for businesses across Europe, Solène Wolff curated an interactive session for businesses, governments’ representatives and NGOs leaders to reflect on planet regeneration tools integration in their impact assessments.
  •  Beyond carbon offsetting,  rewilding, as a regenerative strategy, opens richer opportunities to integrate climate change and biodiversity in companies’ agendas, while reaching an additional economic impact.

We Value Nature Conference, March. 2021

Talk: Rewild the Future

  • With a crowd coming from Berlin, London, New York, Tel Aviv, New York, Crete, Francfort and beyond, we embarked on an online journey from the city to wilderness to re-connect with the Earth and start a collective reinventing of planet regeneration.
  • A manifesto for rewilding as an instrument to:
    REDUCE the overuse of our ecosystems
    REPAIR damaged planet
    REDESIGN economic structures
    REIMAGINE our collective identity, moving away from a single specie mindset to a deep respect of the living complexity.

Online Conference, Dec. 2020

Curator & Co-host

  • LIFT OFF is a platform for exchange, discovery & connection. We are curating a series of discussions, which goal is to reflect on the opportunities this crisis is giving us. Acknowledging that, in every way, as a society, as civilization, and planet, we are asked to make radical shifts in all aspects of life, and therefore want to bring light to actions, thinkings and solutions that will redesign our economy and society for the good of humanity.


  • Thought-provoking discussions on the spiritual, social, economic spheres have been shared by Bayo Akomolafe, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Maja Göpel, Martin Winiecki, Byron Katie, Markus Gabriel, Guru Jagat and many more. Conversations are hosted in Michelberger spaces and continue in the online realm.

L I F T   O F F. 2020

Interviewee on Rewilding

  • For DWIH’s autumn edition, I got interviewed and talked rewilding, doing less and cultural shift.

DWIH New York, Nov. 2020

Interviewee on Renaturing Cities

  • Nature-inspired techniques could help cities become greener
    by Lucy Handley for CNBC
    “Urban areas can help to reduce carbon emissions by learning from the natural environment – and provide community benefits at the same time, say experts.”
  • Published Friday, October 23, 2020

CNBC, Oct. 2020

Keynote Speaker

  • Keynote speech: “A Creative Vision of Urban Planning – Regenerate as A Mindset”
  • Free from current limitations, we explored the most groundbreaking ideas to build climate-positive cities.
    When we dare imagining the city of the future, Biopolis, the way to conceive it is through regeneration. Biopolis is a climate-positive city, repairing our planet’s life-support systems.
    Regenerative design evolves around two pillars: reduce sources & repair. From circularity and climate neutrality to renaturing and rewilding, we shift paradigms to a human society deeply embedded in the threats of life.

German Center for Research & Innovation New York, Oct. 2020

Roundtable Host

  • Roundtable: “Imagining cities of the future”
  • How can we ensure that cities serve the needs of citizens and businesses — now, as they respond to COVID-19, and in the future, as they work towards net zero and regeneration?
    If we dare to imagine the city of the future, it could have multi-use public spaces, smart mobility and cycle lanes replacing cars, flexible building space – where homes are office space and office space becomes hotels, roofs which provide wind and food farms – energy which is 100% renewable and produced locally, and space to revive wildlife. We can dare to imagine a climate positive city.
  • Chair: Solène Wolff, Managing Partner, PLANE-SITE
  • Panelists:
    Ricky Burdett, Professor of Urban Studies at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), and Director of LSE Cities and the Urban Age Programme
    Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future
    Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council
    Philip Wallace, Head of City Energy Transformation at E.ON

Panel Curator & Moderator

  • The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is an annual festival and awards ceremony. The 2019 festival was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. PLANE-SITE has been supporting the Festival for four years on conference program curation.
  • Panel: “Knowledge Flows: Radical, Restorative & Regenerative Approaches”
  • In the context of resource scarcity and climate crisis, it is imperative to discuss a new system that meets industry demands within planetary boundaries. With the construction sector using globally 20% of water, 25% of the virgin wood and 40% of energy in the world, the scale and impact of architecture has shifted from single buildings to economic systems of re-invention. Terminologies such as “Cradle to Cradle” and “Circularity” have entered the day to- day vocabulary of designers, pushing design ambitions to fields never explored before. Sustainable design reduces the harmful effects of construction, but it’s simply not enough. Architecture that is truly sustainable must be regenerative and able to have a measurable positive impact, treating the environment as “an equal shareholder”. Knowledge Flows looks at current methodologies and design approaches that practitioners can rely on in order to reverse the trend. The emphasis will be on research and learning processes within trailblazing practices,and their forecast for the future.”
  • Chair: Solène Wolff, Managing Partner, PLANE-SITE
  • Panelists: Kasper Guldager Jensen, Architect MAA, Senior Partner 3XN, Director GXN Kristian Edwards, Senior Architect, Interior Architect, Snøhetta

World Architecture Festival, Dec. 2019

Panel Chair

  • Eufonia is a festival combining artists, scientists, psychologists, designers and researchers from all around the world who share the common medium of sound. participants will explore the past, current and future uses of sound in diverging areas of people’s daily lives, at the intersection of audio, art and science. Held in Berlin in November 2019.
  • Panel topic: Silence
  • Panelists: Juliana Hodkinson (composer), Nicolas Lorenzini (psychiatrist), Nicolas Endres, (neuroscientist) & Martine-Nicole Rojina (artist)

Eufonia Festival, Nov. 2019

Panel Chair

  • reSITE 2019, called by The Atlantic Citylab “the most important conversation of our time,” presented 50 international speakers surrounded by a 2500+ audience in Prague’s on September 19–20, 2019. Over the past years, PLANE-SITE has been supporting the festival as reporter and panel curator.
  • Panel topic: Regenerative Cities
  • Panel curation:
    “In contrast to cities, natural ecosystems are perceived as self-regulating and self-healing, able to regenerate themselves after disasters. What can the urban world learn from nature — to which it is typically seen as being opposed — and how can we “rewild” our cities? From renewable energy to biomimicry to new types of infrastructure designed to co-exist (rather than resist) nature, how will we regenerate our cities in the Anthropocene Era?”

reSITE, Sept. 2019


  • PWN Global is a global network of people accelerating gender balanced leadership in business and society, through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking.
  • PWN invited in Berlin international guests for an evening:”Conscious Leadership With Tangible Impact, A Talk on Plastic-free Lifestyle with Solène Wolff”
  • “Cities Like Oceans is an initiative by Highvisioned, aiming to diminish the distance between our cities and oceans. It is a story about embracing our heritage, the planet Earth, while keeping the pace of our dashing lifestyles. Highvisioned will take you on an inspiring journey, encouraging women leaders to reconsider their daily plastic consumption, from coffee-to-go to fashion, from workplace to home. Through interactive exercises and concrete examples, you will feel the direct impact individuals can have on our number 1 source of life: oceans.”

Professional Women’s Network Global, Feb. 2018

Panel Chair

  • RESONATE: Thinking Sound & Space. A conference on architecture, art and sound powered by MAAT and reSITE.
  • It took place on 12 February 2018 at MAAT Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Panel moderation: “Acoustics & Architecture: Past, Present & Future”
  • The panel highlighted the relationship between sound and architectural space throughout history, leading to present day technology and how new technologies will impact future sound spaces.

Resonate, Feb. 2018


  • Tech Open Air is an annual interdisciplinary technology festival that takes place in Berlin, Germany on the future of tech, work and life.
  • Talk: Bodies like Oceans – A Talk on Conscious Lifestyle
  • “The last decades reveal that the lifestyle of past generations has not been necessarily a sustainable one. Another less known aspect of it is the excess of plastic in our daily lives. From coffee cup lids to cocktail straws, from dresses made of polyester to toothpaste, plastic is everywhere. Its extend is so big that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. During this talk, Solène highlighted why she evolved towards an almost plastic-free lifestyle and how she implemented it into day-to-day actions. From food to cosmetics, fashion to office supplies, a multitude of alternatives exists and helps two crucial elements to not be damaged anymore: our bodies, and our oceans.”

Tech Open Air, July 2017